Fox Residence Open House 02 25 2012

Fox Residence Open House 02 25 2012

Despite the harsh cold of winter morning, the open house was a success. Over 500 + Gainesville residences came to support the container house. The Open House started strong with guided tours by the architect and owner. Tours were short but elaborate, roughly 20 minutes each. Visitors were informed of spatial programmings and sustainable design concepts of the project. With minimal restrictions [safety purposes], visitors were free to explore independently within the three story structure. The itinerary of tours ended on the roof top deck with visitors gazing over downtown Gainesville wondering what future has in store for container constructions.

Here are some pictures from the Open House.


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  1. Hello, this is so great. I’m sorry I missed the open house. I live in lake co. Yalaha, Florida. I just saw your home on a friends Facebook. Please let me know if you plan another open house, I’m about an hour away. Thank you.

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