Container Guest House [DAY 30] 12 07 2011

Container Guest House [DAY 30] 12 07 2011

Installation of Glass Door Railing + Closure of Roof Top

The deadline is rapidly approaching. Every one is passionately rushing to complete their tasks.Installation of glass door railings were effortless.

Due to slight offsets of containers’ roof beams a narrow opening was left between the units. To abide the harsh rain and storm of Florida, a SAS [Styrene Butadiene Styrene] modified roofing system was installed to resist water penetration.

Here are some pictures of the installation process.

Container Guest House 12 06 2011

Container Guest House [DAY 29] 12 06 2011

Installation of Windows + Studs

29 days had passed since the initial proposal to the client. The anchoring of the foundation is finished, the containers are fastened together and the construction of interior is underway.

The carpenter on this project is an interesting individual, he is also an former-landscape designer. One could not ask for a better person for the job. He took on this project as if it was his own child, nurturing and caring for every cut and joint. “Perfection” is his model.

Here are some pictures of the construction process.


Material was carefully removed from the container floor to recess the sliding glass doors.

Container Guest House 12 02 2011



Container Guest House [DAY 25] 12 02 2011

Transformation + unification of containers

With both containers positioned, the welding [cutting] process began. Goal for DAY 25 was to cut suture the new container opening, to grind down and smooth out flooring, and to adapt and adjust containers for installation of studs.



Pieces of container wall panel 12′ by 7′ are cut from each to make the opening that will unify spaces. Cut edges are then spot welded with a steel plate stationed in between exterior wall of containers. Welds are spaced apart, and with the addition of sealant and spray foam insulation will create an economical and efficient building envelope.








The original character of the floor is to be kept, with exception of minor sanding and touch ups. The client likes the raw and industrial qualities of the wooden floor and container edges. To preserve this attribute, no new flooring will be added, only coats of polyurethane finish will be applied to the finish floor.


This specific container was picked for its admirable and endurable wooden floor. Although the container was in great condition, it was not perfect. To accommodate for the installation of studs, some areas of the container had to be jacked back in place.

Container Guest House 11 30 2011

Container Guest House [DAY 23] 11302011

Placement + Connection

Nov. 30 was an important milestone in the course of this project. On this day, all bits and pieces of this simple but elegant vessel converged on the site.

The crane was in position at noon, and shortly afterwards the second half of the container arrived.

Ropes were used to rotate and align containers to their correct positions. After both containers were set in place, John Andrews, the project welder, joined the footings of both containers to embedded steel plates.

The alignment and welding process took roughly 3 hours.





John Andrews, the welder, connecting a footing of the container to a previously installed 6×6 Dia hook.

Container Guest House 11 29 2011

Container Guest House [DAY 22] 11 21 2011

Removal of Forms + Exterior Treatment + Transportation

6 Days have passed since concrete was first confined in the wooden forms; Now, strong and free of formwork, these concrete footings are ready to carry the load of the shipping container.

Here are some pictures of the exterior surface treatment [sanding and buffing for the paint job] and the transportation process. Only half of the container was transported on this day. The other half is scheduled to be moved the following day.


Container Guest House 11 23 2011

Container Guest House [DAY 16] 11 23 2011

Placing of  Concrete + Installation of Hooks (10″x 10″)

Placements of concrete bases and steel plates with hooks were set to match the knuckles of the shipping container. The top of each plate was elevated 1/3 of an inch above the wooden form for welding purpose.

Container Guest House 11 23 2011

Division of Shipping Container

The original Shipping Container is an [45′] aged vessel covered with character and international stamps. After the container was divided, structural frames were added to the edges of the bifurcation and to the bottom beams to prevent twists and shifts. Here are some pictures showing the raw condition of the container and the welding process of the steel frame.


Container Guest House 11 21 2011


Container Guest House [DAY 14] 11 21 2011

Wooden Forms

Two weeks had passed since Stephen first put his pen to paper. The wooden tower forms index the earth marking the location of the concrete foundations. Re-bar are positioned within each form to strengthen and reinforce the foundation. meanwhile, at the warehouse, the containers are being modified…











Container Guest House 11 10 2011


Container Guest House [DAY 03] 11 10 2011

Container Delivery

Three days had passed since the client came to Stephen looking for a quick solution to a perennial problem; the storage of guests! Container shopping is fun and after looking at a range of options at the yard, the client ended up purchasing a 45 footer. This will make for some great design opportunities because the extra 2.5 feet on each end can easily cantilever off the foundations without extra steel modifications. The container was delivered to an industrial warehouse yard so that the preliminary modifications can be made off-site. The container will be cut in half and reinforced here. Then we will haul the halves to the site on the back of a car-carrier courtesy of a local towing company.