Shipping Container Research

We spend our spare time imagining shipping container solutions to imagined client needs; homes, student housing, transitional housing and shelters, professional and live-work housing, medical facilities, salons, galleries…architecture offices… We visualize these solutions and even price them out… The goal is to use the space between container configurations to create volume and use the container itself efficiently, with little modification. This conserves the sensibility and efficiency of its use.

4 thoughts on “Shipping Container Research

  1. I am looking into building a house out of these. its just me and my wife right now and we live in Sarasota Fl. We are planning on having a family and like the idea of possibly adding on to our existing idea of a dream home. Made from containers. Im currently looking into total costs and building options as well as local code on how to go about this. Please feel free to email me with any helpful ideas as this venture is very new to me.

  2. I am planning on building a house on a barrier island not accessible by car up near Apalachicola. So container housing might make sense. I would like a design that would maximize the view (Gulf front), around 1500-2000 s ft. Need to know if you can give me an idea of price for finishing on site if I build pier foundation on island.

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