ResonanceBox – Music in Architecture / Architecture in Music Competition Entry

ResonanceBox Performance Space

MWBa entered a design competition in the summer of 2011 with the University of Texas at Austin. The idea of the competition was to explore the dialogue between music in architecture by designing a temporary installation that would also serve as a performance space. Bringing the conceptual ideas of space, functionality, acoustics, and visualization together to display there relationship.  Along with the design proposal an original 5 minute piece of music was to be composed and played within this space. MWBa-ResonanceBoxScore

Given the firms involvement with shipping container construction we felt it would be a good time to explore this idea with the design competition. We titled our design the “ResonanceBox” because of the containers abilities to act as a reverberation device. What that means is the actual container becomes the instrument and performance space to showcase a direct relationship between music in architecture.  We then visited the Fox Residence which is currently under construction and captured sound clips of what was taking place on site. We then invited a local jazz musician, Ali, to combine our live sound clips and compose a 5 minute piece capturing the experience. Enjoy the renders of the proposal and the sound clip below!

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