A New Years Message to Gainesville From Tom 12 29 2011

I want to thank the City of Gainesville.

Especially the City Commissioners and Building Dept under the good leadership of Doug Murdock. This innovative house needed an innovative permit process and the City came through. That is one of the important hurdles we had to overcome.

With Stephen Bender’s design and Greg Wayland’s engineering, with Ben Bressack as the contractor, and a team of other amazing people like welder John Andrews, we had a great team. It built a wonderful house.

This house is designed to have a positive ecological foot print by using recycled materials and having a solar system that was made in the great USA. The extra steel for supports was made in the USA. All appliances are Energy Star or better. The new hot water system is the most environmentally friendly Gas system made. This gas system is the first one to have been installed in the southeastern USA.

I am making more electricity than I am using through the first month. This during the shortest days of the year; December. The rest of the year should be better. This house is hurricane proof. Maybe tornado proof but I don’t want to test that! No termite will bring this house down. All this cost less than a conventional home the same size. If Americans used these concepts when building homes, this nation could end its foreign oil dependency and it could transform the economy very quickly. If Americans built houses like this each would make a great contribution to solving environmental problems and lessening the impact buildings have on climate change.

I built this house to give people the idea that we can all help solve our biggest problems by changing the way we think about our most important physical investment, our homes. I have repaired my carbon footprint problem and I am saving money over the life of my home. Who doesn’t want to save money?

Have a great end of the year! Thanks Gainesville!

Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “A New Years Message to Gainesville From Tom 12 29 2011

  1. Tom,

    Great Job on your house!

    I just happen to jog down 6th Street every other day and saw it for the first time since the trees have been cut back. I couldn’t help but check it out. Looks Great!

    I hope it’s working out for you structurally and otherwise too.

    Hope you do an open house sometime and I hear about it.



  2. Dear Tom.
    I know the container shop or home idea is a logical one. I have spent the last 22 years living in Japan and have just recently relocated (returned) to Florida because of the radiation problems with the nuclear power plant in Japan. We built our 1st container shop approximately 6 years ago and let me tell you everyone laughed at the idea, when it was completed all the naysayer where in aw. 2 years ago we helped our friend who was living out of a shed/office to build a beautiful 2 story container home/studio on the beach. Again people laughed and to this day people ask for tours of the home. I would like to hear from you if possible.
    Thank you. Jorge

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