Fox Residence Solar Structures 09 14 2011

Construction has begun on the structures that support the solar panel installation. These inverted steel pyramids tree like elements hold twelve panels each for a total array of 8kw. At thirty feet off the ground in this neighborhood you are at the point in the oaks where branching begins. These structures are designed to evoke this branching.


One thought on “Fox Residence Solar Structures 09 14 2011

  1. Tom,

    What address & name will the FIT contract be under with GRU, I would like to track and plot some of the data from your panels.

    Roger Allen Westphal
    Gainesville Regional Utilities
    Energy Supply
    Principal Engineer
    P. O. Box 147117, A132
    (301 SE 4th Avenue, A132, 32601)
    Gainesville, FL 32614-7117
    352-393-1289 off

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