Levy Container Residence – Rad Cladding

Not just for the “Ooo” factor, but for the cool factor, literally. The cladding forms a shading layer for the containers to reduce direct solar gain and allow convection to cool the surface of the residence.

Using flitch cut cypress lumber siding, we can clad the exterior of the containers to camouflage them. Our cut of choice has 2 rough sides, 1 finished side and 1 raw side (peeled bark profile of cypress tree). This raw side exposes the diagonal profile of a cypress tree’s taper. We take advantage of this diagonal shape to create geometry in the facade which breaks the rigidity and horizontality of the containers and provides a more natural materiality to the exterior. This cladding also provides a protective skin against direct solar heat gain from sunlight.

In addition to the cladding, green walls will be used to further camouflage the containers and provide thermal protection. In most locations, these will be flowering vines adding color and scent to the exterior. At the ground level and other accessible areas, these could be planted with edible varieties.



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