Levy Container Residence – Round Two Schematics

We’ve begun using the spaces beyond the container walls for external program as we continue to tie the project into the site.


This is the same container configuration of the previous round, with the plan flipped and a porch extended around the western three sides. The projecting container breaks the continuous wrap of the porch, so you end up with two larger porches. This defeats the exterior connection “in the round”, but it results in two distinct spaces, and variety is the spice of life.



The ground container sits transverse under the middle of the cabin. The cross shaped configuration creates a peripheral approach to relationship to use and site. The containers intersect at the public area of the cabin. This creates two separate outdoor platforms adjacent to interior uses. In addition, a porch deck wraps the exterior of the north, west and south sides connecting the platforms. Portions of the porch may be screened in to create variety of usefulness and variety of experience.


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