Fox Residence Update 05 17 2012

Tom officially made 1238kwh and used 410kwh last month. That is 3 times what he used. The pecan tree has grown more than he expected and is creating some shade so he is losing up to 10kwh a day. Trade-offs! He will do some careful pruning in January. Exterior painting continues over the next few weeks.

One thought on “Fox Residence Update 05 17 2012

  1. I will be living out of state for 3 years. I am looking into shiping container or storage pod to store my funitures etc in the backyard and put the house for rent while I am away. I have a large backyard. Buying a used unit? Renting a pod? What is the average cost on buying vs renting? What company you would recommend ? Your advise will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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