Gainesville Sun Artice Features Fox Residence

Comments from the architect…

As with most reporting, things don’t come across like you mean it.  The following quote was from a conversation regarding the home’s construction. The article reads, “Once you get inside the house,” he said, “it’s fairly conventional.” However, the design of the interior is spatially crafted to fit the owner’s specific needs, provide light, air, view and allow minimum heat gain all within the constraints of the container form. It is not “conventional” in that sense. The interior is, however, constructed using conventional materials (2x4s and drywall)!

Why even ask if it is an eyesore? …especially in the articles title. What title sets the tone! You can do better than that! Chad, there is more to your article than “controversy!” I’ll never understand why the press gives so much space to the one and only nay-sayer in the neighborhood…

How about this title, “Gainesville Residence proposes a different way to think about home”.

Please come see this overwhelmingly positive addition to Gainesville’s way of life!

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