Container Guest House 12 02 2011



Container Guest House [DAY 25] 12 02 2011

Transformation + unification of containers

With both containers positioned, the welding [cutting] process began. Goal for DAY 25 was to cut suture the new container opening, to grind down and smooth out flooring, and to adapt and adjust containers for installation of studs.



Pieces of container wall panel 12′ by 7′ are cut from each to make the opening that will unify spaces. Cut edges are then spot welded with a steel plate stationed in between exterior wall of containers. Welds are spaced apart, and with the addition of sealant and spray foam insulation will create an economical and efficient building envelope.








The original character of the floor is to be kept, with exception of minor sanding and touch ups. The client likes the raw and industrial qualities of the wooden floor and container edges. To preserve this attribute, no new flooring will be added, only coats of polyurethane finish will be applied to the finish floor.


This specific container was picked for its admirable and endurable wooden floor. Although the container was in great condition, it was not perfect. To accommodate for the installation of studs, some areas of the container had to be jacked back in place.

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