Fox Res LEED Platinum Certification is Official 12 07 2012

I am (very) late in posting this. It has been a busy season.

On December 7 2012 I received the email from the USGBC indicating our Platinum status. What a relief!

Project #: 10186
Dear Stephen Bender,
USGBC is extremely pleased to approve the certification of the LEED home at 612 SW 5th Terrace, Gainesville, FL, USA built by Tom Fox & Ben Bressack, and supported by the LEED for Homes Provider, Florida Solar Energy Center. This project received a “LEED Platinum” rating. Congratulations!

Achieving LEED certification is fairly straightforward but it requires planning, execution and follow up. I need to thank the members of our team who contributed toward the success of this certification.

Thanks go first to Tom for having the desire to do something different and share it with the world, and the tenacity it required to keep going. It is, after all, for the betterment of the world that he went through all this! He’ll be sharing for a long time. It is a very generous project. Thank you Tom.

Thanks go to my design team engineer Greg Wayland.

Thanks to the builders. The project would have been very different were it not for Ben Bressack, Building Contractor and John Andrews, welder, who led the container efforts. Thanks also to Jim Kesl, Jim White and Jeremy Brown for a can-do anything attitude.

Thanks to the City of Gainesville, Building Department, under the leadership of Building Official Doug Murdock and Inspector Tom Panico, for being a true partner in the building process; for finding solutions rather than problems. Thanks for the support of Planning and Development Director Erik Bredfeldt and Planning Manager Ralph Hilliard.

Thank you to Jennifer Langford, AIA, CNU, PA and the USGBC Heart of Florida Chapter for sponsoring and coordinating a few of our public tours.

Finally, and not least, thanks to our green team, led by Mary Alford, PE, LEED AP, for their ideas, suggestions, tracking and accountability. Helping along the way were Mike Amish (now with Sustainable UF), Tricia Kyzar, Theresa Spurling-Wood.

If you are interested to see what it takes, or maybe go after it yourself, see the information visit the USGB site, LEED for Homes!