Container Guest House 11 21 2011


Container Guest House [DAY 14] 11 21 2011

Wooden Forms

Two weeks had passed since Stephen first put his pen to paper. The wooden tower forms index the earth marking the location of the concrete foundations. Re-bar are positioned within each form to strengthen and reinforce the foundation. meanwhile, at the warehouse, the containers are being modified…











Container Guest House 11 10 2011


Container Guest House [DAY 03] 11 10 2011

Container Delivery

Three days had passed since the client came to Stephen looking for a quick solution to a perennial problem; the storage of guests! Container shopping is fun and after looking at a range of options at the yard, the client ended up purchasing a 45 footer. This will make for some great design opportunities because the extra 2.5 feet on each end can easily cantilever off the foundations without extra steel modifications. The container was delivered to an industrial warehouse yard so that the preliminary modifications can be made off-site. The container will be cut in half and reinforced here. Then we will haul the halves to the site on the back of a car-carrier courtesy of a local towing company.


Music in Architecture / Architecture in Music Competition Entry

ResonanceBox Performance Space

MWBa entered a design competition in the summer of 2011 sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin. The idea of the competition was to explore the dialogue between music in architecture by designing a temporary installation that would also serve as a performance space.  Check out our entry and listen to the composition here.