Fox Residence Solar Structures 09 14 2011

Construction has begun on the structures that support the solar panel installation. These inverted steel pyramids tree like elements hold twelve panels each for a total array of 8kw. At thirty feet off the ground in this neighborhood you are at the point in the oaks where branching begins. These structures are designed to evoke this branching.


Fox Residence Foam Insulation 08 25 2011

August 25


Hello all,
just wanted to share the new insulation (spray foamed) on the third floor. The change is amazing. During the USGBC tour we gave, a participant pointed out some of the conductive heat problems we were going to  have due to thermal bridging at the interior walls of the containers. I have to admit I did not want the criticism, but I thought about it and Ben and I figured we do the extra effort and do our best to cover all the problems. Notice that we framed and foamed the exposed beams. We also framed and foamed any areas in any wall to insulate further.  Also notice that we foamed at least a foot down below the ceiling were the seams of the containers meet. The exposed steel walls are now cool to the touch. The second floor will get the same treatment. We will be putting up drywall soon.
Peace… because I really need it,