FOX Container RES – Mass Becomes Volume




Ben and John, Jim and Jim, cut apart salvaged containers and put them in place to fill the four foot gap; walls, roof and floors. The closed in stack of containers is a truly massive configuration.  Over the next few days the containers will be cut apart in order to be brought together. Door openings are cut. Large sections of container wall are being cut out and removed. In the opening, steel jambs and beams are welded, transforming the compartments into interconnected spaces. Tom stands in the sun in his future living room.

FOX Container RES – Rooftop Welding

The original design called for wood frame construction. We had an alternate detail for using salvaged container wall panel, but during budgeting it seemed like it would be more expensive to use. As it turns out, sections of container are inexpensive and Ben and Jim look at the steel like the rest of us look at wood. No big deal. Below you will see the roof over the four foot gap; it is all salvaged panel over salvaged angle, welded tight. It is watertight without any roofing.

FOX Container RES – Trimmimg Back the Pecan

18 days from the first turn of shovel.

The large Pecan tree on the east side of the site was given a Class IV Pruning for Crown Reduction. After the removal of years of vine overgrowth, the tree needed some attention. The goal is to promote the health of the tree by improving its structure, form and appearance, by encouraging new canopy growth. It is necessary to train the tree’s growth away from the containers, lessen wind resistance and increase light penetration.


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Class 4 Pruning; Crown Reduction

FOX Container RES – Using Salvaged Panel

17 days from the first turn of shovel.

Tom has purchased several “chunks” of shipping container. These are sections that have been cut from units at the yard. They contain plenty of usable steel. While steel is already considered a recycled material, this is superior to newly rolled steel. This direct recycling requires no separation labor, no transport to a plant, no melting and no reformation; just cut and place into use. These sections of the old containers become enclosure at the 4 foot gap. This set of pictures shows Ben, John and Jim hoisting and welding them in place.


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Recycling salvaged shipping container panels as enclosure

FOX Container RES – Recycling Container Components

Some pics of us using recycled steel. We are going to use even more recycled steel than previously expected. The ends of the four foot gap will be constructed of recycled container walls. We had included details for the floor of the gap to be made of recycled wall panels, but it looks like we may use the container joists as well. We may be using container steel to build interior stairs of steel. We are also reusing the wood panel flooring out of the old containers.