Fox Res LEED/FGBC Preconstruction Meeting

On Tuesday, September 28, project team members met at Volta to go over protocol and requirements for both LEED for Homes (Mary Alford) and FGBC (Mike Amish).  Stephen Bender led the meeting. The team covered prerequisites (co-requisites), waste management plan, erosion control, best management practices for site construction and submittals that go with each. The team also covered the intended points from both certifications and discussed the important of staying on top of it! Mary led the team through the durability checklist.

Attending were Tom Fox, (owner-builder), Ben Bressack (Contractor), Mary Alford (PE, LEED Green Rater), Mike Amish (FGBC Certifiying Agent), Chris Fillie (Neighbor and LEED AP), Lance Moore (with MWBa), Stephen Bender (Architect).

Barrels of Hope for Haiti demonstration project

Barrels of Hope Volunteers and Organizers, September 18, 2010

If you have not already heard about the project, please check it out. It is a great idea; a kit of parts (rain barrel, loaded with sand bags and miscellaneous supplies), shipped to Haiti for neighborhoods to use to construct permanent shelter. It is a way of building that is hands on, requires basic skills, reasonable time and energy and results in a home that the builder/occupants are proud of.

Stephen and his son Soren laid some earth bags with the group last weekend. Please volunteer and donate… click the image to visit

To help Barrels of Hope complete the project next week or more information , please contact us on our Barrels of Hope facebook page or call Mike at 328.7721

Fox Residence Gets Permit

The Permit is Green

14 September 2010, Tom Fox picked up the building permit for his residence. City of Gainesville Building Department has been very cooperative considering this is a very unconventional structure. The permit set was evaluated according to the best applicable code, meaning that it was not considered strictly under the residential code of the commercial code. This would be problematic for most residences, but made sense for a container structure. We are still working through pricing.