“Imagine … a Place called Home” UF Bateman Team Mount Campaign About Housing Issues

The team have taken Home Matters as their client in order to promote issues central to housing; affordability, health and safety. Visit the Home Imagined Website, and check out the article in the Sun for some great photos.

Team Members include: Elliot Levy, Valeria Yulee, Karilla Dyer, Andrea Cepeda and Trisha Tucker. Go Team!

We gave them a little hand with some ideas for turning a shipping container office into something else. UF’s Catalysts for Change organization assembled and adjusted the kit to fit.

Home...Imagined, Sun



Cade Museum Foundation Museum Architecture Design Competition

MWBender Architecture teamed up with SsD (Single speed Design, Boston, founded by my Harvard friend and roommate, John Hong and his partner Jinhee Park) for the Cade Museum Foundation Museum design competition.

25 teams submitted qualifications and six were selected. We are one! Check out the news here. Check out the other firms at this page. Be sure to check out the foundation’s mission, goals, summer lab offerings and the 3rd annual Cade Prize. And, of course, don’t be shy; support the Cade!

Official posting of shortlisted firms is here.
The Gainesville Sun featured a short article on the shortlist Saturday, August 4, find it here.


Barrels of Hope for Haiti demonstration project

Barrels of Hope Volunteers and Organizers, September 18, 2010

If you have not already heard about the project, please check it out. It is a great idea; a kit of parts (rain barrel, loaded with sand bags and miscellaneous supplies), shipped to Haiti for neighborhoods to use to construct permanent shelter. It is a way of building that is hands on, requires basic skills, reasonable time and energy and results in a home that the builder/occupants are proud of.

Stephen and his son Soren laid some earth bags with the group last weekend. Please volunteer and donate… click the image to visit http://www.barrelsofhope.org/

To help Barrels of Hope complete the project next week or more information , please contact us on our Barrels of Hope facebook page or call Mike at 328.7721