Florida Foundation for Architecture CSH-FL Competition 2011

MWBa Entry to the Florida Foundation for Architecture 4th Annual Design Competition 2011

CSH/FL Case Study Housing for Florida: Sustainable by Necessity

With the goal to re-define the notion of the ‘Florida House’ for the 21st century, the Florida Foundation for Architecture embarked on a design competition program in the summer of 2011  to explore the concept of integrating affordability and sustainability in the design of single family infill housing for neighborhoods and communities throughout Florida.

The Program:

The minimum programmatic requirements for the home are as follows.

  • 1,500 square foot maximum conditioned area (air conditioned space)
  • living/ dining space
  • kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • utility/laundry space
  • optional garage/ carport – may be attached or a separate structure
  • sustainable features must be incorporated into the solution
  • elements of “universal design” are encouraged
  • Design for typical lot dimensions of at least 30 feet wide and 130 feet deep, with 5 foot side yard setbacks and 10 foot front & rear setbacks.
  • A realistic cost per square foot budget analysis demonstrating that the entrant’s design can conceivably be constructed within a $60 to $70 per square foot cost range. Land cost is to be excluded from the budget analysis.
  • Utilization of sustainable construction materials, methods and details must be incorporated.
  • Utilization of LEED for Homes criteria is recommended but not required
See the images below for plans, exploded axos and more…

Here is a link to the project post at Co-tain… http://co-tain.com/aia-csh-comp-proposal-by-mwba-and-co-tain/



Music in Architecture / Architecture in Music Competition Entry

ResonanceBox Performance Space

MWBa entered a design competition in the summer of 2011 sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin. The idea of the competition was to explore the dialogue between music in architecture by designing a temporary installation that would also serve as a performance space.  Check out our entry and listen to the composition here.

Gainesville School Bathroom Proposal

The firm has configured two twenty foot shipping containers into a public restroom facility for a Highschool Football field in Gainesville, FL. The exterior is cladded with four by eight mac metal panels and the school name cut away then back lit. The center breezeway is covered using agricultural pvc protected tarp and tension supports. The containers rest on ballast and are anchored to the ground with hurricane screws. We are currently putting together a proposal for the schools football locker rooms also designed out of ISO shipping containers. Stay tuned for an Update!!!

Vents for stove, bathrooms and gas water heater

The push continues. These pics are the new vents for stove, bathrooms and gas water heater. You can see also the gas and water hookups through the steel outside wall. I also had some pics of the AC lines and disconnects but they were out of focus. I’ll try again. Also we drywalled and plastered the ceiling in the garage … getting ready for electric in the first floor. At this point the electrical rough in is almost completely done.  I will insulate later. I am hoping to move in at the end of August.

HVAC placement + Help TOM choose a color scheme!!

Hello everyone! Here are a few more pics. Notice how the mini-split condensing unit will sit on the roof stand. Ben brought his mini (its the same model we are getting) to the site today and used it as a template. Good thing he did. It helped us trouble shoot potential problems. Also, new drain in third floor porch. Hey no one said construction was pretty. I am experimenting  with colors. this blue is on the fence for a test. I am 50/50 on it. I might go darker. the actual living area will be a very light blue. I thank all of you who are helping for your efforts. -Tom 

Fox Residence- hvac mounts and garage door

Here are more pics of the construction. We are working on the roof penetrations:  AC stands, vent stacks, water line and electric receptacle, solar line feed chase. The garage doors are going in. Notice all the steel scraps we had left over from the structural support now being recycled into an important part of the house.  Nothing has gone to waste in this construction. My amazing welder John Andrews came up with the roofs made from corten
steel scrap. He made them in minutes. Just one of the small miracles that will make this house come to life.